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Couple with Kids

Natalie & Joseph

Realtor Brokers

"From the time I started to work as a 1099 individual, to now owning my LLC, I have been with The Firm. I am very happy with Shantel and her team, they are very professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. They helped prepare my tax return and saved me a substantial amount of money on my tax bill - more than when I had done my taxes by myself or with other accountants. Shantel and her team kept me informed with recent law changes, and helped me with questions about the PPP and EIDL programs. I highly recommend Agape life planning The Firm without any reservation."


Retired NFL Player, Entrepreneur 


"I had always done my own accounting and tax work until a few years ago. My situation just became too complex to do myself. A friend suggested The Firm. I contacted them and spoke with the owner, Shantel. She was able to make sense of my records and help me out. I have been using their firm ever since. Shantel is very professional and easy to work with. I am extremely pleased with her work and glad that I found them. I would highly recommend The Firm for all your accounting and tax needs."


​Entertainer, Network Marketer, Author, and Speaker 


"It's always a great experience! The entire team is very professional and helpful. My taxes can be complicated, but they make it look so easy. What I really loved was how easy it was to upload all of my documents without having to fill out a lot of forms. Shantel and the team took it from there on, doing all the complicated work and finding opportunities for us to save. It was definitely worth the money."

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