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All businesses need money, cash or equity to grow. Learn the step-by-step method to start a business credit file and build business credit. Study and learn the companies that are best known to give business credit and will give it to you too.


With this book in your hands, you are about to become a business credit monster. You will know exactly how to build business credit scores and a business credit profile for a business. With this business credit profile built you and your business can obtain large amounts of credit and funding for your business without having to supply a personal guarantee and being personally liable for your business debts.

That knowledge has helped create one of the most advanced business credit building systems in existence today. This system has been used to help business owners obtain funding and build business credit for their businesses. These unique business credit building methods are also taught at the largest credit conventions in the nation to other credit firms. And now this book will give you the knowledge and power to fight and win the business credit battle.

You will first learn to understand the business credit system itself, then to know what lenders are looking for in order to approve a business for credit and funding. Finally, you will learn where to go to secure funding for your business and know about the types of funding available today.


Your business can have an excellent credit score and qualify for credit and funding without you having to offer a personal guarantee. This book will show you how.


Grow your business by using business credit and saving your cash reserve. Start now to start and build a business line of credit.

Business Credit Building Checklist

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